Monday, January 25, 2010

P.I.E.S. homework

1) Laptop Bag
P- It has a compartment to place my laptop inside.
I- It has 2 carrying straps instead of 1 so that weight of the objects inside will not press painfully on my shoulder.
E- It was given to me by my Grandfather 2 years ago.
2) Something given to me by somebody older. (a pair of shoes)
P- It is a comfortable pair of running shoes.
I- It fits my size of feet perfectly.
E- It was given to me by my aunt on my birthday last year.
3) Taking an MRT ride
P- There are many people on the MRT so it is usually very cramped.
E- It was fun as I got the chance to explore some places in Singapore.
S- It would have been more fun if I had gone with my friends.
4) Watching a documentory/movie
P- It is funny and entertaining.
E- It was fun as i got to hang out with my friends.
S- We got to talk to each other more.

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