Thursday, January 28, 2010

Week 3 Understanding Research (part 1)

1)To me, research is what we do to confirm our theories and gather information.
2)It is important because through research we gain knowledge and we will become more clever.
3)We can conduct good research by getting our information from reliable sources.

Monday, January 25, 2010

P.I.E.S. homework

1) Laptop Bag
P- It has a compartment to place my laptop inside.
I- It has 2 carrying straps instead of 1 so that weight of the objects inside will not press painfully on my shoulder.
E- It was given to me by my Grandfather 2 years ago.
2) Something given to me by somebody older. (a pair of shoes)
P- It is a comfortable pair of running shoes.
I- It fits my size of feet perfectly.
E- It was given to me by my aunt on my birthday last year.
3) Taking an MRT ride
P- There are many people on the MRT so it is usually very cramped.
E- It was fun as I got the chance to explore some places in Singapore.
S- It would have been more fun if I had gone with my friends.
4) Watching a documentory/movie
P- It is funny and entertaining.
E- It was fun as i got to hang out with my friends.
S- We got to talk to each other more.

ADMT HW (sustainable design)

Sustainable Design is the designing of physical objects. Manifestations of sustainable design require no non-renewable resources and relates people with the natural environment.Buildings which are designed sustainably should save on running cost. There is also evidence that people like sustainable design as it improves air quality.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

ADMT lesson 1 -personal reflection

1)To me, ADMT means designing stuff in an artistic way to make life easier.
2)It is important because we need to learn ADMT and become more creative.
3)I would like to learn to be more creative in ADMT and more artistic too.
4)The picture here is what i think the world would be like without technology. Without handphones, computers and lots of other stuff.