Monday, June 28, 2010

CAI report

1) The four kay recommendations of the CAI in the report are:
a) Singapore will be a elder-friendly place and home to all the elderly. The needs of the seniors will be met.
b) Seniors will have more accessibility to the facilities like the lifts and public transport.
c) Seniors will have care services and medical care. These services are cost effective, efficient and easily accessible.
d) Seniors will have opportunities to fulfill a good lifestyle and relationships with their families. They will also have the chance to get involved more and gain many friends.

2)The CAI recommends that families become more involved with the elderly.

3)The ministries will look at the recommended solutions and will arrange the cost of the solutions, making it cost effective.

4)As an SST student, we can help the elderly get involved with the community. We can also visit them and entertain them to make them happy. Lastly, we can bring them to their families and they can get a chance to connect with their families.