Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ergonomics and Anthropometry Part 1

1) 1 of the setups is more comfortable than the other. For example, 1 has a much more comfortable chair, a very compatible laptop area and a spacious desk to do written work.

2)We have to consider the preferences of the people using the product and the needs for the product to work properly and efficiently. Basically the basic needs like a space for a laptop and a writing item is definitely needed. Other extra applications for the workplace could be items or improvements to make the work of the person easier, as shown in the video where the person is able to move his seat to a comfortable position.

3) These considerations are important because we need to meet the needs of the user for our product to be sellable. When people like our product, then people will buy it and we can earn money.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

My EQs

These are some questions which I have thought of :
1) Is being an elderly really a problem? (some elderlies do not really have difficulties)
2) Why do people focus so much on elderlies? Why not focus on the less fortunate more? Or the physically disabled?
3) Are the elderly having trouble coping and adapting to the new generation?
4) How do you get more people involved in the campaigns or activities to help the elderly?
5) Exactly how do we make the lives of the elderly easier and more fun?

My ranking :
My top 3 questions are : 3, 4 and 5
Question 3 : I chose this question because I believe some elderly are left out when it comes to computers and technology. Some people also get too into their games and other hobbies that they ignore the elderly and helping them.
Question 4 : I chose this because we need to get the elderly involved in other to help them and make their lives better.
Question 5 : I chose this because I feel this is the main point. To make the lives of the elderly fun and easy is the main reason of all the campaigns and activities organised. If we do not manage to make their lives better, then the activity or campaign would have failed already, so this is extremely important.

Monday, June 28, 2010

CAI report

1) The four kay recommendations of the CAI in the report are:
a) Singapore will be a elder-friendly place and home to all the elderly. The needs of the seniors will be met.
b) Seniors will have more accessibility to the facilities like the lifts and public transport.
c) Seniors will have care services and medical care. These services are cost effective, efficient and easily accessible.
d) Seniors will have opportunities to fulfill a good lifestyle and relationships with their families. They will also have the chance to get involved more and gain many friends.

2)The CAI recommends that families become more involved with the elderly.

3)The ministries will look at the recommended solutions and will arrange the cost of the solutions, making it cost effective.

4)As an SST student, we can help the elderly get involved with the community. We can also visit them and entertain them to make them happy. Lastly, we can bring them to their families and they can get a chance to connect with their families.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bad Designs homework

The picture on the upper-left is a picture of an extension cord which I feel has been designed badly. I feel this way as the plugs for the 2-pin plugs are too close to each other, so sometimes when I fit a plug like the one in the picture, I cannot fit another beside it, leaving me no choice but to fit it on the plug further from the first plug. The picture on the lower-left shows what I mean. The solution is quite simple. The designer just needs to put a gap between each plug so that people will not need to waste 1 plug.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pictures from my sketch book

These are some of the pictures from my sketch book. Hope you like them!!! =)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

ADMT work- Basic Photography

The first two pictures that I took are placed under motion as I was taking pictures of the cars. The rest of the pictures are placed under perspective as I was taking pictures of objects with a slight tilt when taking the pictures. For example, the third picture is a picture of the plants and the fourth picture is a picture of the word 'jazz'. The other 2 pictures are pictures of a part of the school.